Exam Question Paper 2019-20 For UG

1BSC PART 3 CHEMISTRI DD-2756 20-09-2020 Click Here
2BSC PART 2 CHEMISTRY DD-2706 20-09-2020 Click Here
3BSC PART 1 PVT CHEMISTRY DD-2646 20-09-2020 Click Here
4BSC PART 1 OLD COURSE LIST CHEMSTRY CD-2646 20-09-2020 Click Here
5BCOM PART 2 PVT DD-2028 20-09-2020 Click Here
6BCOM PART 2 OLD COURSE CD-2028 20-09-2020 Click Here
7BCOM PART 1 PVT DD-2007 20-09-2020 Click Here
8BCOM PART 1 OLD COURSE LIST CD-2007 20-09-2020 Click Here
9BA PART 2 ECONOMICS DD-2160 20-09-2020 Click Here
10BA Part 1 Old course ECONOMICS CD-2099 20-09-2020 Click Here
11BA Part 1 ECONOMICS DD-2099 20-09-2020 Click Here
12B.COM-PART 2-OLD COURSE--1ST PAPER-CD-2027 19-09-2020 Click Here
13BCOM III PVT DD-2050_ 19-09-2020 Click Here
14BSC-BSCBED-PART 3-CHEM-1ST PAPER-DD-2755 19-09-2020 Click Here
15BSC-BSCBED-PART 2-CHEM-DD-2705 19-09-2020 Click Here
16BSC-BSCBED-PART 1-OLD COURSE-CHEMISTRY-CD-2645 19-09-2020 Click Here
17BSC-BSCBED-PART 1DD-2645 19-09-2020 Click Here
18BA-PART 2-ECO-1ST PAPER-DD-2159 19-09-2020 Click Here
19BA-PART 3-HISTORY-DD-2219 19-09-2020 Click Here
20BA-BABED-PART 1-OLD COURSE-HISTROY-CD-2098 19-09-2020 Click Here
21BA-BABED-PART 1-HISTORY-2ND PAPER-DD-2098 19-09-2020 Click Here
22B.COM-PART 2-1ST PAPER-BUS STA-DD-2027 19-09-2020 Click Here
23B.COM-PART 1-OLD COURSE-2ND PAPER-CD-2006 19-09-2020 Click Here
24B.COM-PART 1-2ND PAPER-DD-2006 19-09-2020 Click Here
25BCOM Part 2 old course CD-2026 18-09-2020 Click Here
26B.COM-PART 3-1ST PAPER-PR OF MATHS-DD-2049 18-09-2020 Click Here
27B.COM-PART 2 -2ND PAPER-DD-2026 18-09-2020 Click Here
28B.COM-PART 1-OLD COURSE-1ST PAPER-CD-2005 18-09-2020 Click Here
29B.COM-PART 1-1ST PAPER-BM-DD-2005 18-09-2020 Click Here
30BSC part 3 physics DD-2754 18-09-2020 Click Here
31BSC-PART 3-BOTANY-2ND PAPER-DD-2766 18-09-2020 Click Here
32BSC-PART 2-PHYSICS-DD-2704 18-09-2020 Click Here
33BSC-PART 2-BOTANY-DD-2712 18-09-2020 Click Here
34BSC-BSCBED-PART 1-OLD COURSE-PHYSICS-CD-2644 18-09-2020 Click Here
35BSC-PART1-PHYSICS-DD-2644 18-09-2020 Click Here
36BSC-PART 1-OLD COURSE-BOTANY-CD-2652 18-09-2020 Click Here
37BSC-PART 1-BOATANY-DD-2652 18-09-2020 Click Here
38BA part 3 History DD-2218_2020169114831 18-09-2020 Click Here
39BA-BABED-PART 1-OLD COURSE-HISTROY-CD-2097 18-09-2020 Click Here
40BA-BABED-PART 1-HISTORY-DD-2097 18-09-2020 Click Here
41BSC PART III Botany-I 17-09-2020 Click Here
42BSC PART III Physics-I 17-09-2020 Click Here
43BSC PART II Botany-I 17-09-2020 Click Here
44BSC PART II Physics-I 17-09-2020 Click Here
45BSC PART I Old course list Botany-I 17-09-2020 Click Here
46BSC PART I Old course list Physics-I 17-09-2020 Click Here
47BSC PART I Botany-I 17-09-2020 Click Here
48BSC PART I Physics-I 17-09-2020 Click Here
49BCOM PART III Old course list Paper-04 Auditing 17-09-2020 Click Here
50BCOM PART III Group-II Management Accounting-II 17-09-2020 Click Here
51BCOM PART II Old course list Business Management- Group-II Principles of Business Management-II 17-09-2020 Click Here
52BCOM PART II Group-II Cost Accounting-I 17-09-2020 Click Here
53BCOM PART I OLD COURSE Group-I Accounting- Business Mathematics-II 17-09-2020 Click Here
54BCOM PART I Group-I Business Communication-II 17-09-2020 Click Here
55BA PART III Political Science-II 17-09-2020 Click Here
56BA PART II Sociology-I 17-09-2020 Click Here
57BA Part l old course 17-09-2020 Click Here
58BA P art l Paper-02 English Language 17-09-2020 Click Here
59BCOM III EX/SUPPLY Paper 03 - Management Accounting 16-09-2020 Click Here
60BCOM III PVT/REGULAR Group-II Paper-I - Indirect Tax with GST 16-09-2020 Click Here
61BCOM II EX/SUPPLY Group-01-Accounting-II - Cost Accounting 16-09-2020 Click Here
62BCOM II PVT Group 01 Paper-II - Company Law 16-09-2020 Click Here
63BCOM I EX/SUPPLTY Group-01 :- Paper 01- Financial Accounting 16-09-2020 Click Here
64BCOM I Group - I Paper I - Financial Accounting 16-09-2020 Click Here
65BSC III PVT/EX/SUPPLY पर्यावरण अध्ययन 16-09-2020 Click Here
66BSC II PVT/EX/SUPPLY पर्यावरण अध्ययन 16-09-2020 Click Here
67BSC I PVT/EX/SUPPLY पर्यावरण अध्ययन 16-09-2020 Click Here
68BA III PVT/EX/SUPLLY Political Science Paper-I 16-09-2020 Click Here
69BA II PVT/EX SUPPLY Political Science Paper-II 16-09-2020 Click Here
70BA Part I EX/Supply Paper I Foundation Course - Hindi Language 16-09-2020 Click Here
71BA Part I Paper I Foundation Course - Hindi Language 16-09-2020 Click Here
72BA Part l History EX/ Supply 15-09-2020 Click Here
73BA part l History pvt 15-09-2020 Click Here
74B.sc. Part l EX/ Supply English 15-09-2020 Click Here
75B.sc. Part l PVT/Regular English 15-09-2020 Click Here
76B.COM Part lll EX/ Supply 15-09-2020 Click Here
77B.COM. Part lll Pvt/regular 15-09-2020 Click Here
78B.COM. Part ll EX/ Supply 15-09-2020 Click Here
79B.com Part ll 15-09-2020 Click Here
80B.COM. Part l EX/ supply English 15-09-2020 Click Here
81BCOM Part l English 15-09-2020 Click Here
82BA Part lll Sociology paper ll 15-09-2020 Click Here
83BA Part ll Political science paper-l 15-09-2020 Click Here
84BA Part l EX Sociology - paper ll 15-09-2020 Click Here
85BA First Years Sociology paper- ll 15-09-2020 Click Here
86UG ALL QUESTION PAPER 14-09-2020 Click Here
87BCOM II 14-09-2020 Click Here
88BCOM I 14-09-2020 Click Here
89BSC FIRST 14-09-2020 Click Here
90BA SECOND YEAR 14-09-2020 Click Here
91BA FIRST YEAR 14-09-2020 Click Here

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