Vision of the Department

The vision of the department is to achieve excellence in undergraduate,  postgraduate education and research for scholarly inquiry and development of new knowledge.
A vision is to develop the ability in the students of this region to present themselves not only in our nation but internationally in the field of physics by igniting and nurturing interest, awareness, passion, enthusiasm, imagination and innovation in the study of Physics.
Mission of the Department
To train the students to be lifelong learners who will contribute to the creation of new knowledge, new technology, and innovation through excellence in research in emerging areas.  To educate students to be the  future leaders in science, technology, industry, education and other professions and succeed in a globally competitive environment by providing basic knowledge of physics in practical oriented manner and a classroom full of concepts, fun and practical. 
To create national and international collaborations for research engagement in strategic areas of research
To provide beneficial service to local, state, national and international communities
To provide the Knowledge of current theories of modern physics along with basic concepts of Classical Physics 
To provide the ability of critical thinking and scientific thinking in students and to make them imaginative and innovative 
To impart quality education and achieve academic excellence by guiding the students towards scientific and technical excellence 
To awaken the students and discover their talents both in theory and practical physics through dedication to teaching and innovative instructional method like powerpoint presentation.

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