Vision Mission

     Mission :-   Our college has to empower thestudents form the different background of the region with the variety ofactivities, colluculler, and extra cameleer activities The Aim of the collegeis overall development of all students we provide them holistic educationinculcate humanistic and social values with temper and logical thinking and motivatethem towards community services. And promote responsible leadership qualitiesin all students sensitize the student for environmental consciousness, humanrights spiritual and cultural heritage and gender equality. To inspire youngermind for employability and interpreprenevrial spirit among  the students. To achieve integrity throughexcellence in teaching learning. We try to best in overall development of allthe students

VISION :- The vision of the college to provideand aiso improve the quality of higher education to the rural andundevprivileged belt of the surrounding area in the stream of science, Arts andcommerce. We lay emphasis on inculcating moral value along with qualityeducation in our college so that our children can easily learn theirtraditional human values as well as the new changing globle out-look.

            The motto of the college “ vidyadatati vinyam “mean

(knowledge generates Humility) We uplift the academic standards to the youthsand fostering an enduring sense of discipline also We try to best in overalldevelopment of all the students.

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