Teaching Staff

S NoFaculty PhotoFaculty NameQualificationDepartmentDesignationMobile NoProfile
1 Dr. I. P. DinkarDoctorate Of PhilosophySociologyAdministrator (Principal)9575738286 View Profile
2 Dr. Miss S. Bharsakale-CommerceAssistant Professor- View Profile
3 Dr V.L. DewanganPhdPolitical ScienceAssistant Professor- View Profile
4 Mr. Irfan AliM.Sc Zoology, CSIR-NET JRF, GATEZoologyAssistant Professor9616112408 View Profile
5 Mr. Amit Kumar SahuM.A , M. Lib, I.Sc , PGDCA, UGC-NET, SETLibraryLibrarian9770932480 View Profile
6 Mr. Hitesh Kumar VermaM.A Economics, UGC-NET, CGSET, PhD Pursuing EconomicsAssistant Professor9340896814 View Profile
7 Mr. Bhoj Ram KapoorM.A History, CGSETHistoryAssistant Professor8889887282 View Profile
8 Mr. Shobha Ram PatelAsst. ProfessorEnglishM.A., UGC-NET JRF, CGSET7389326303 View Profile
9 Mr. Shrijal Kumar Sharma M.Sc Microbiology, CSIR-UGC NET, CGSET,GATE, DBTBotanyAssistant Professor7000169096 View Profile
10 Mrs. Gemlata SahuM.Com, CA-CPTCommerceAssistant Professor9165129031 View Profile
11 Miss Jyoti KaushalM.Sc Physics, CGSET, GATE PhysiceAssistant Professor9109563747 View Profile
12 JYOTI RAJAK M.A , M.PhilSociologyAssistant Professor (Guest Faculty)6264562338 View Profile
13 KAMNA TIGGAM.A Geography, CGSET, B.EdGeographyAssistant Professor (Guest Faculty)8319977581 View Profile
14 Mr. CHITRA KUMARM.A, Political Science, PGDCAPolitical ScienceAssistant Professor (Janbhagidari)6260670640 View Profile
15 Mr. OMKAR VERMA M.Sc.(Maths), CGSET, CTET, CGTET, B.Ed.MathematicsAssistant Professor (Guest Faculty)8718010055 View Profile
16 Mr. BHUPESH KUMAR M.Com, B.Ed, PGDCACommerceAssistant Professor (Janbhagidari)7049632593 View Profile
17 Mr. SHIV KUMAR M.A .Hindi, UGC-NET, CGSET, B.Ed, CGTETHindiAssistant Professor (Guest Faculty)7974561534 View Profile
18 Mr. KANHAIYA SAHUM.A. (ECONOMICS) ,B.Ed , PhD Running.EconomicsAssistant Professor (Janbhagidari)9907170657 View Profile
19 Mrs. NEHA DESHMUKHM.Sc (CHEMISTRY) , B.EdChemistryAssistant Professor (Guest Faculty)6260616314 View Profile

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